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Vape your summer!
  • Lemon
  • Mango II
  • V-Cube
The latest Open Pod system LEMON is finally released in this summer, let’s try the DUAL CERAMIC COILS in such a small device! The dual-coil generates great smoke with 5 Watt low power, brings you pure taste and keep away from hazardous substance like HCHO. Here are 2 core technologies applied to LEMON. Will a Pod last you for weeks? LEMON will tell you.
Mango II
The new 2nd generation Mango Kit by ALD AMAZE is a revolution in Open pod systems. Getting better vaping experience and more convenience, the Mango II kit is more attractive but still exquisite, compact and portable starter kit with a Mango-shaped appearance as ever. 
V-Cube (Coming soon)
Cool appearance, humanization design- Fit the size of the user, comfortable grip, let people be too fond of it . This is V-CUBE. Its unique design of mouthpiece is more close to ergonomics, so that users can better enjoy the product‘s extraordinary experience. Convenient refilling cartridge with large capacity will bring you a sustained enjoyment.
Video Center
Vaping is an attitude. We‘re meeting here with big stars, ALD AMAZE fans and vapors around the world.
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